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Important note for those trying to use Fists, Cestus or Demon Fist - his collision box and his hit box are different, although you wouldn't notice this with most weapons as they swing with a farther arc than fists do. some areas of his body you will not be able to hit due to this difference, making the fight frustrating and much more difficult.
so i died to this boss the first time i entered but i found that he didnt seem to be as aggressive as i have seen with other gamers that was until his health was very low but i found the great chaos fire orb useful even with a pyromancy flame +5 (running a pyromancy build and near the end you wouldn't believe the adrenaline rush this boss gave me since our health was parallel and when i ran out i '''luckily'' parried him with my scythe even though others may find this difficult or easily this boss was fun to say the least
Pontiff means Pope Sullivan means Eye He is Popeye
This boss is like 400x harder on an SL1 run. before this I always just killed him during phase 2 transformation LOL


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I don’t remember pontiff being especially challenging years back, especially as a mage. Just now revisited ds3 and started a new game (strength+faith) using vordt’s greathammer. Felt so slow and pontiff was destroying me over and over. Until I tried parry. I normally suck at parry but pontiff made me feel like a god
How much health does his clone have?
defetead by a small shield
2-handing a Heavy Greatsword+7 got the job done for me, first try...just make sure you have at least 900 HP.
Just parry him Gwyn style
Surprisingly easy and beat him second try, great boss but it's beyond me how some people can consider him the hardest boss of the game
because boss difficulty is relative, some people have an easy time and some people have a hard time with different bosses