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Dorhys' Gnawing with 25 faith and any chime. Killed him with 4 procs (12 casts)
Imagine a Havel and Stray Demon team. The Rolling Stones!
Combat Info: •Can be guard-broken, flattered and pinned down. Oh Havel, your eyes are beautiful!


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Connection between Havel and Stray Demon may be more than rock puns. In DkS1, Havel was locked in the Tower between Darkroot Basin and Undead Burg. The key from the Divine blacksmith has an interesting description saying he was locked in for good or bad. In Anor Londo there's a hidden room with Havels gear and a "Occult" Club. Something he wouldn't have as a loyal follower, suggesting he at least partly knew the truth of the gods/fire. I'm kinda shocked I don't see people mentioning this more often. Anyways, the Stray Demon gaurded his route as well but was stuck there. Dunno if this was intentional but at the very least a Chaos Demon that wasn't a Winged one was serving Lothric castle, trapped there. I haven't gone searching for more info on him yet but that's at least one solid connection. Thanks for reading.
I always figured the occult club was planted to frame Havel into being locked away. :( Possibly by a certain paledrake we all know... *coughcough* The fact that Havel, even as a Hollow, refuses to leave his tower by order of his king just seems too damn loyal for him to be a traitor. I love the little touches these games have. Makes the story so rich.
Personally, I just cheese the Havel Knight and get him to fall off the ledge by the ladder in Archdragon Peak.
Make sure to not "cheese" him into place from which you cannot retrieve his items.
What is Great force?
Ask your mother.
A night on the porcelain throne after a Taco Supreme combo
probably means emit force
Havel betrayed our republic. *****ing traitor
So I soul streamed him off the map... How do I get his drops?