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I got the feet from a public dungeon tho
Where I can obtain swords of this set? I farming public dungeon 2-3 hours but not one weapon are dropped, only 1 staff, and a tonn of hand and belts, kill 2 world bosses and no weapon :(
I got both my swords out of master chests
you can get it from the aldmeri dominion quest where the queen needs two items, rahjins mantle and the heart of something, when you complete the quest to get the heart you get a two handed sword from this set. the questline is very long and begins after you leave coldharbour for the first time if you are from the aldmeri dominion and meet razum-dar
got the sword for the northern most world boss. ne salas doesnt seem to drop the shield as of wrath stone update. seems to drop girdle every time.