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How can I buy the dlc from from the play station store


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It should be its own product... you've already tried searching for The Old Hunters normally in the search bar?
I am playing with a physical copy of the base game, can i buy just the DLC from the store? I dont have to buy a digital copy of the game, do i?
As with most post-release DLC, there is no physical release for The Old Hunters. If you have the base game, you download the DLC from the playstation network store.
can i use my old char if i buy the dlc physical copy ???
It should work with a digital copy
Hello guys! I am new to the Bloodborne world so i need some help advices. I am just about to fight Gehrman and the Moon Presence so here is my question: Can i start the DLC areas after i complete the original game final bosses but not as a NG+, or i must start the DLC areas before i complete the original game bosses? I mean first things first right..i am not sure if i must complete all the dlc areas and bosses before i fight Gehrman...
I would definitely do the DLC right now before your final battles, cause beating gehrman/moon presence will put you right into NG+, which will make the DLC significantly harder.
Thank you!
So i just bought the dlc from the playstation store for bloodborne i downloaded it while the game itself was downloading i followed all the steps went to hunters dream and didnt get the eye of a blood drunk hunter what did i do wrong? Does the region have to be japan? i live in canada so i dont know what to do
Try going back to vicar Amelia's boss room, may be something there.
You have to exit the app and go back in. After you touch the skull after defeating Amelia, it will spawn.