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miracles are not listed as viable for this boss, and sorcery is considered a strategy? smh
here’s a miracle strategy , only use dorhy’s gnaw and keep dodging
pyromancers, like me, should see this fight, or any boss fight as easy? ha! 1st, my black serpent, my most used spell, couldn't even hit the super fast half-drake, who was half of the time gliding. Hawkwood was completely useless, he just waited in the corner like the coward he and his fellow legion friends truly are. to beat him, I had to go solo and use great chaos fire orb to beat him via lava damage. praise the dark and screw Gwyn's lackies.
Fun fact. The baby is still there but his texture is hidden. So essentially he smashes his child in a fit of rage.
Raw Dragonslayer's Axe+6 with Gold Pine Resin just murders him in the first playthrough.
get you a lighting infused +10 lothric sword. 12 hits downed him ng