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Time for howl
NINE strats??? Mostly CHEESE?!?!?!? GTFO LOL pull up your big boy pants and wipe the floor with him. EASIEST fight except for gascoigne. If he uses ACB you're doing it wrong. Fextrascrubs
You're a *****ing idiot. The points of the cheese are not so you can have an easy fight, but so you don't have to actually fight him at all. Fighting him just genuinely sucks; he runs around and yells the same comments over and over again as he does. It's annoying. The cheeses are so you can skip that.
not a big fan of this fight. it's fine in NG but in NG+ all his arcane attacks oneshot you and quickstep + augur is not reactable so it just becomes a really tedious camping fight, plus the part where you have to run around for 15 minutes before he'll go into the arena
when he jumps through the mirror in phase 2, he'll just stand in the middle of the room below until you drop. not sure if this works with other weapons, but rolling off the ledge and doing a drop attack with transformed saw cleaver will knock him down, then you can spam roll to get past him and block the doorway into the second arena. you need a long weapon for the drop attack since he'll start running as soon as you roll off the ledge. he'll just run into you for 5 seconds trying to get in and once he realizes he can't most of his health should be gone.
Killing the weird floating guys in phase 1 will make the fight much easier just saying also i know they re-spawn but not for a while so plenty of time to kill him in phase 1
I am extremely disappointed with this, I tried the gun and run and my gun couldn’t hit through the gate, I lost 5 blood viles to the skeleton guys trying this!
The fight was weird but easy. Just wait for him to use his attack then attack him. I like this character and I hoped to find some lore.
Definitely one of my favorite bosses. The memes are great and his lore behind him is fascinating.