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Is this really the case? This ring increases damage taken by a certain % but nowhere have I found it to increase the damage you output.
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Read again what it says in the game. You TAKE increased damage, not DEAL it to others.
The game says on the stat sheet that equipped weapon damage is increased, but actually hitting enemies with any weapon seems to deal the same damage as before equipping it. Perhaps it's a broken bit of programming that From was, once again, too lazy to fix?
No, it doesn't. When equipping the ring only the def stats Strike. Slash and Thrust are raised. Plus Vig, End and Vit, sure. The equipped weapon stats stay the same. Too lazy to learn how to read a table?
No, it doesn't. When equipping the ring only the def stats Strike. Slash and Thrust are raised. Plus Vig, End and Vit, sure. The equipped weapon stats stay the same. Too lazy to learn how to read a table?
The lower your base stat, the more effective the ring becomes... Very good for SL1 runs... If combined with Third Dragon Ring, your 4x attacks with a Broadsword, becomes 5x (because of increased stamina)... Note tho, that it affects the damage given by Flynn's Ring negatively, due to Max Equip Load change.

It seems that From considered about the players who did SL1 runs, that's why they made those DLC items work like that... (Flynn's Ring, Ring of The Embedded gives more bonus, the lesser your base stats are)... Vessel Shield + Crown of the Sunken King + Dex/Str Rings allow you to wear more powerful weapons like Ice Rapier, etc, even you're SL1... They forgot to give a reward for SL1 playthrough tho (Like the ones you get when finishing no-bonfire/no-death runs).
Tried and tested: for SL1, ring of the embedded gives more bonus than the 3rd dragon ring... The +8% damage taken isn't noticeable at all. It will become useless if you have very high stats, it will only serve like a lesser calamity ring. Good thing you can use both rings.

SL1 completion reward, a ring that makes the helmet invisible would be ok. So enemies will not know that you're wearing the poisonous Moonlight Butterfly Hat. Also for aesthetic purposes, you can wear any armor and still see your character's face. (Effect shouldn't just make the helmet transparent, rather it should remove the helmet model as if you don't wear it, but the defense/effect is there).
Ice Rapier vs PvE SL1, high damage, fast attack, and with only ring of the embedded (no 3rd dragon), you can attack 5 times. You need the stat boosting items to equip it though.
No more dks2 update.
The Puzzling Stone Sword (DLC Weapon) which can be found in Shulva, Sanctum City can also be equipped by an SL1 character. So many items for OneBros in DLCs.
An sl1 can also use crystal soul spear, soul greatsword and other sorceries by lowering the required int to 10, using a simpleton's spice. any miracle too if you can farm enough skeptic's spice, it can lower required fth to 10... it's time to soul level 1 run! (or play nioh or sekiro).
So, the Crown of the Sunken King increases Endurance, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Faith by 1, while reducing Vigor and Vitality by 1. This ring, meanwhile, increases Vigor, Endurance and Vitality. If those three stats are less than 93 (which is sorta insane) you gain 3 points.

So, does wearing both of them give you +1 to Strength, Dex, Int and Faith, and +2 to Vigor and (at least) Vitality and +4 to Endurance, at the cost of 8% more damage?
Meh... i use a quality build (SL200 NG) and at at 20 vigor and 30 end i got only 120 health and 5 stamina...
If you have 20 vigor, vitality, or endurance and use this ring, it is worth pointing out that you can decrease that stat to 19 with no loss since the bonus will go from +5 to +6.
It's my understanding that the placement of this ring is supposed to help players who have entered the Eleum Loyce unprepared but you are probably supposed to be a world-beater at this point in the game anyways... GG From.
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I mean at that point this ring is only useful for sl1...
This ring is designed for very low level twinks who want to invade other peoples. GG