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If I get the covenant, and then offer the pale tongue, will it be considered treason?
Not to the covenant, no. Sirrus will get mad if you offer a pale tongue to Rosaria.
PS4 looking for someone to mutually farm this, please msg me: lu_lou
PS4: Can someone help me to farm these cheesy way, i will return the favor. PSN ssepee


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I can help! I need 25 of them as well. PSN name ThE_mAnIaC_417 (It's a capital i, as in Maniac not manlac)
Need to farm this with the fast killing way. Add me on steam nick SickLuke
Anyone looking to farm on ps4? Psn Tyrom22
I’m down my Psn name is Falloutsavannah
If anyone needs to farm for this, my psn is JalterOfAstora
I need these 30 shackles for the last covenant, if someone needs that too, my psn is Stryder_92
Tried to message you but your settings make it so people cant sent you messages unless they’re on your friends list.
I need help getting these. Will return the favor ofc PSN: theshiznit420
I added you, let’s farm PSN - Ex-Blackywolf
I wanna farm too. My PSN : Ex-blackywolf
still need help?
i need help too PSN VValhior
If someone is willing to farm Shackles with me pm me on PS4: Sichu2121
Anyone on PS4 who'll farm these with me msg me. PS4: Genophage_
Just messaged you