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weapons with 'high' elderseal can get any increase with this ?
Nope, tried it with a nergi weapon, stayed at high elderseal.
No, I've added information to the skill that should clarify this for future users.
no high is the max ((it's written in the jewel description
You can't add Elderseal to weapons that don't already have it, making this skill essentially useless. The only weapons with low or mid Elderseal are essentially downgrades of the Jho series, and any weapon that has Elderseal at all is dragon element. Unofortunate as it is, this eliminates the one thing that could've added some build diversity to Elder Dragon hunting. No one in their right mind is going to take them on without Elderseal, so that basically leaves you with Nergigante or Deviljho weapons to pick from.
this is a bit old, but I have OVER 250+ HOURS INTO mhw and I have literally one elderseal weapon, of which ive never used. don't need elderseal, Like what could you possibly need it for? MAYBE kushala daoras wind, but I really don't see it being actually USEFUL over something else. so the monster is a little scarier than it was in the beginning of the fight, drink a mega armorskin and get back in the fight.