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So I recently experienced weird stuff in Bloodborne on the PS4 and I want to make sure none of these are game-breaking.

1. I killed Father G and went back to Hunter’s Dream.
2. Gherman was gone. Nowhere in the area. I was like “whatever” and continued on.
3. I went through the next areas, but skipped Old Yharnam and went to kill Amelia first. I unlocked the shortcut.
4. I summoned Henriette and went around the area to get items. Henriette got stuck on a tree and I just continued with her there. Suddenly the game crashed. When I reloaded, I was in the same spot, but between 2 hard enemies that had originally gone somewhwre else. I died.
5. Went back to Hunter’s Dream and found that the doll had become a doll again. Exactly the same as the beginning of the game. Also, the doors to the workshop were closed.
6. I leveled up once at the doll and reloaded the area. Doll was back to normal and Gherman was there again.
7. I summoned Henriette again. This time, she somehow got stuck inside a wall and eventually died.
8. I killed Amelia and Gherman was gone from the Hunter’s Dream again. Looked everywhere for him.

Pictures are in these tweets.

Are these kinds of bugs normal? Or is there something possibly wrong with my save file that could be very bad later.


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Gherman isn't always there, he comes and goes. he also might be back by the messenger bath that looks like a tree stump, in the Hunter's dream.
you used your insight to summon Henriette. when you spawned back to the Hunter's dream, you didn't have any insight so the doll turned back into a regular doll; you need at least one insight to level up.
Henriette glitching, happens to me sometimes. my Bloodborne also crashes occasionally too. send a report.