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Does a ton of damage, and has decent reach. Requires 3 talismans to use, but I find it to be well worth it, so it's my preferred combat art at the moment in NG+. Can be charged up to hit twice - just like when Isshin uses the move against you in his boss fight. The normal version just hits once I believe but does come out a bit faster.
“Decent range”
Can still be used as without spirit emblems for lower damage and without the shockwave abilities. Means you won’t get caught out if you’re being stupid and not keeping track of your emblems, but you’re probably better off switching it out.
this is the sword art from the sword saint himself, Id say its powerful asf and worth the effort
This weapon art melds the Ashina Elite mini-boss in the Dojo on NG+. It also very useful against the first Owl fight in NG+.
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Other than it now costing only 2 Spirit Emblems to use, it also deals more posture damage. This skill was always one of the good ones, it's now even more powerful.
The moment I realized its worth was when I was able to take out the entire group of Okami Warriors near the Great Sakura Idol using just this attack. Create distance, herd them, then charge. It’s also really good against the Ashina Elites, since they’re really just glass cannons.
I like this skill. It's pretty flashy.


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Wish they'd introduce an option to use the weaker, 0 spirit-emblem versions of combat arts Without having use up all your emblems first.