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When you want higher poise, but you just can't let go of your fashion.
Hey look! They returned the pendant from Dark Souls 1.
hey look! someone doesn't know how the game works!
It's a joke you numbskull. The pendant and this ring are equally useless.
No, its not useless. Since I've noticed you are casul I will try to explain you how it works. If you are using something slow e.g. Ringed Knight Paired GS and attack you might get interrupted and you won't complete attack animation, with this ring however there is a chance some attacks won't stun you and you will perform whole attack which makes huge difference. So instead of calling people numbskull for no reason better gather all informations necessary to understand game mechanics.
This is the most op ring. Someone, get from to nerf it. The poise in this game is too strong.
numbers aren't exact, i had 50 poise with havel set and the plus 3 only added 4 poise.
pose has diminishing returns... the more poise you have, the less the poise adds up
Yes, you will get a miniscule, almost invisible increase in hyperarmor with the +3 version, but you could also just equip the Havel's Ring +3 and some higher poise armor to also get better resistances with less diminishing poise returns. This really only has a use if you have garbage VIT, making the +19% equip load from Havel's equal 2 pounds or something.
For all the people who think its useless for whatever reason: its not. Example? I wore Ringed knight set and used Ringed Knight Paired GS on Sould of cinder, without wolf ring I was stopped mid-animation and didn't even manage to hit the boss. However with Wolf Ring +3 equipped I was able to perform attack animation and it does huge difference. Of course it doesn't make difference for every creatures attacks, but it certainly might be useful.
Poise.........Is...........Turned..........Off............In.........This.....Game. So this ring is a joke. Anyone pretending this ring has an effect, is a noob who doesn't do research. The game has literally been HACKED, to turn on Poise, and played offline to see the affect. Dark Souls 3, has no poise. If you disagree, you're wrong.
Do your research, goofball
can anyone drop this ring for me please? For some reason I never get summoned for the covenant. please help (my psn is: mokyaffe)
Someone dropped it for me so now I have it.. Thanks for the help!!!