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Just for fun I'm making a Jon Snow cosplay character. Jon's sword, Longclaw is a bastard sword. So I'll be using this weapon for the cosplay but what I'm curious about is what kind of infusion or buff do you guys think would better apply. Because Starks are from Winterfell and he is the King of the North. I'm thinking Refined Infusion, Frozen Weapon and Snap Freeze for some extra pizzazz.
Well theres always the theory that Jon snow is Azor Ahai reborn, and he does dream about fighting undead with a flaming sword. So that could work too.
I'm wanting to do a miniture cosplay of the soul of cinder, and I was thinking that this thing chaos infused would be great, thinking the firelink greatsword scaled with Faith and Int, but it doesn't. Anyone reckon I should make it chaos or should I go refined with carthus flame thingy.... the one that buffs it with fire dmg
You mean the Charcoal Pine resin? It's up to your build if you want to infuse it with chaos or not I personally would just go with a quality build then just use a Charcoal Pine Resin but you do you baby boy.
This page doesnt say it, but this greatsword s weapon art sends enemies flying upwards. I wish we could hit enemies in mid-air with this weapon like gundyr did with his kick...
Manlier that Claymore because you don't have to put so much points into DEX. And it sends your enemies flying. Hella fun in pvp against large weapon wielding opponents.
edit: than* :)
in low sl 15 - 18 this weapon is perfect for a tank since you can literally invest 1 point on strenght (deprived) every other point on vigor, infuse it with raw, buff it, wear alva's armor and look how r1 spammers won't try to trade hits with you. (not even need to twink m8)
I think its funny how the "Bastard Sword" resembles a real life Longsword and the "Longsword" resembles a real life Bastard Sword (Blade of a one-handed sword with a longer grip for eventual two handed use)