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Miyazaki:You know that totally balanced and insanely slow and heavy sword, the FUGS? "Yeah" Miyazaki: how about it does***** damage on top of that. "Wait wut"
tumble buff it
Ah, the FUGS nerf. One of the many mind boggling idiotic decision made by DumbSoftware. Oh no! A big heavy slow weapon does a lot of damage! Lets nerf it! Actually no. Lets add Ledos Great Hammer instead! Wait no, lets buff elemental infusions to make infused weapons do as much damage as a 25.5 unit weapon but weighing much less!
They suck so much *** at balancing that boggles the mind
Is putting 55 instead of 65 as the dark defense value on the last row someones idea of a good troll?
A driveway On a stick
Someone finally said it
why does this not upgrading using titanite scales...?
Because it isnt a boss weapon?
It’s from ds2 made from fume knight soul
From Brume Tower with Love
rest in peace great Fugs
ferreelz no reason to use this +5 over +10 heavy GS. AR is better, range is better. If you have a 50 - 60 Strength build, check heavy GS over this. Sad, cause it looks cool... :(


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strike damage and the fact that you don't give a ***** is a reason to use it.
but buffing it removes the strike dmg bonus that the fug has
Git gud #FUGSLyfe
***** you, buff the FUGS
149 base damage, mmhmhhmhmhmhmhmh nerf