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Where is the Taroth Sword "Fire" ?
Please add to heat guard effect : "Wont be damage by magma (terrain) when standing on it" very useful. When will KT be back I miss the hunts already
AT Kulve will come in an few hours
From what I remember, AT Kulve Taroth will have a new frenzied mode that you have to achieve in order to get those new rainbow rewards. Basically, the AT element in the fight doesn't manifest unless you break the gold off of the horns.
There are some weapons missing, like Taroth Strongarm "Water".
Holy***** ive never noticed that Kulve is bigger than Xeno
To be fair xeno was a baby


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guts requires ahead but fire...
There should be a silver kulve taroth
Nah, don't need more trash events getting in the way of the actually good ones.
taroth hammer "sleep"?
Can you still fight him?
Kulve is a lady
Can't exactly say everything for sure, as I am new to mhw, but she is currently available on pc as an event that lasts for a week, and if I remember right, she was available previously. So yes.
it's a WOMAN
It's an she, listen the story again! She was called more than one time "she"!
well i guess nobody knows that if your dont know (or care) someone or somethings gender you say him/he as it is a "gen-rule" stop being immature.