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So my of my speculations about Dragon's Homecoming Ending: IF THE DEVINE DRAGON and thus dragon heritage originally came from west, WEST, we know west of Japan, there's China at moment is under Dynasty Ming's rule. So they Child of Rejuvenation and sekiro both taking journey to China? is there any thing mentioned in the game, where's exactly they had to go?
Notice how both the Divine Child and Kuro have predominately black hair with some white locks? So do the Okami in the Fountainhead Palace and Sekiro have the same white and black hair. Since Lord Takeru and Tomoe have a connection to the Divine Realm, Okami and Immortality, then in summation, these elements may somehow be related. Perhaps this symptom of Immortality implies that the Okami conceived of the Dragon's Heritage as part of their wedding procession into the Divine Realm. Could the Cradling Ritual be a reverse of this supernatural process?
So she's pregnant with kuro ???
No, she's cradling his soul in her heart
I ship her with Kuro
I love her japanese v.a. too. It's a rather cute character. Her only friends were the Monkeys it seems.