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4 res scrolls on her corpse. Make sure to kill her after she takes the collar off
Dude.. that's cold-hearted. LOL
i killed her before she could take the collar off ...


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@Anonymous Thanks, fixed.
Summoning is the best makesure to get incarnate and totems
When talked to it says that she is working on a glove looking contraption with knives on it. Is this a possible Nightmare on Elm Street refrence?
I doubt it matters now, but it's actually the gloves that the weird creatures following her around wears. I doubt it's actually a freddy reference
Game on console is buggy af. Not even worth buying. Lazy, lazy, lazy. The collar quest is bugged.
Worked perfectly for me, in several playthrough
You can use her (Or any vendor) as an invenstment during your stay at Fort Joy. --- Simply sell the items you have until she uses up all her gold. After that give her back one gold for free. When you give an NPC something they didn't have before, it stays in their inventory. --- Essentially every time she restocks, instead of resetting her gold, the gold gets added to the gold piece you gave to her before. --- Once you're ready to move on to the next act, go back and steal the gold off her or kill her for looting the gold back. --- Good luck to all you penny pinchers out there!