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The mikiri counter really helps : stand mid range, when you see the red symbol, spam the dodge button (O en ps4 controller) toward him. Repeat 2 or 3 times and you should be able to deathblow him
Spamming lb/l1 for deflection lowers your chance of performing a deflection, it isn't the same for mikiri counter?
How do you mean? I always die because my guy always jump back when i try this, do i have to hold some button foreward to fix this??
This guy and the two monks hiding in the graveyard absolutely beat my *** because I had no idea when to use the Mikiri counter
A hoonter must hoont.
I hate him
just like that?!!! i took 2 hours just to plan how to kill him, why i didnt think to use mikiri counter xP
That feeling when you fear the spear VS That feeling when you see a free posture damaging Thrust attack (with Miki counter). That feeling of gitting gud
lure him to the tower near the bridge, there is a fence which will keep you safe from his attacks. jump over the fence and laugh at him, attack him when he's done with his moves
That lore section is likely inaccurate; the description for Gokan's Sugar straight up states that the Shinobi Hunters are from Misen Temple.