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After update, she can't be backstabbed... So unfortunate...
Aggro her, makle her follow you back to the idol, and when she backs up enough just stand on one of the rocks and ichimoji/mortal blade her. She cant hit you when youre on the rock. Extra Cheesey. Enjoy!
I don’t know why, but I seemed to struggle with this miniboss more that any other one in this game besides that seven Ashina spears boi at Ashina Reservoir when it’s all on fire
I'm surprised nobody has heard of "The Ballad of Orin". It's an old Japanese film by Masahiro Shinoda about a a blind girl who is abandoned and has to join a goze troup for survival. (fellow blind women who stick together for safety and play instruments to earn money) Orin plays the shamisen, but is **** one day and cast out of the group for losing her virginity. Wandering all alone, blind and with nothing but her instrument, she bumps into a young man and they fall in love with each other, but various issues, social conventions, personal qualms, etc. tragically keep them apart. So this O'rin, being so close to her lover (the man following the sound of her music) yet still unable to find him, is very fitting.
oh*****, i didnt notice that the man who tried finding the melody was o' rin's man.
Edit: forgot to add, it even seems reflected in her appearance. The reason they cast her out is because the goze considered themselves akin to nuns, whose only 'husband' was Buddha. Hence the monk style apron, wicker basket headwear, and Buddhist prayer beads on her hand. Her outfit also isn't pure white like O'Ren. It's light pink with lots of decoration, much like a goze would wear since they were hired entertainers.
I attacked her with the Immortality Blade before the battle and half of her HP is gone. After that just fight with her like in the guide. Deflect her attacks and jump on her when the kanji appears. 0 gourds used.