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I like From Software, i love Bloodborne, and i really enjoyed Dark Souls 3. But this ****** right here? This guy's a little much.
Today i fought him and i think the "Perfect Kill" by which you skip the 2nd and 3rd phase has been patched. Can anyone confirm?
Can you let me know if you got any more information about this in the meantime?
Yeah, I can confirm that in phase 2, after a few seconds, no matter how much aggressive you are, he pulls out the spear.
It's gotten to the point where I can beat genichiro without taking damage, but still die instantly to isshin
Lord Isshin is packin' heat for punk ***** shinobis.
Phase 1 can be quickly beaten by attacking and deflecting his country attack. Wait for an opening, for example one of his sheathed attacks. Attack until he blocks once then deflect his counter attack and attack right back. This will loop, sometimes he will walk to the side rather than attack, when he does this just attack until he defends once and repeat the loop. Very easy, makes phase one of sword Saint easiest boss in game.
This boss made me want to *****ing kill myself. 4 health bars, insanely fast attacks, lighting, a whole bunch of unblockable attacks, a spear with a longer hitbox than the spear itself and having to defeat Genichiro AGAIN. From Software didn't even have the common decency to let you just go strait to Isshin if you manage to kill Genichiro, but die to Isshin. You have to fight Genichiro all over again and potentially loose a bunch of your Healing Items. This game is so *****ing broken and they won't fix it. For some reason instead of fixing all the bugs, glitches, camera weirdness and lag, they think "Nah, it's fine" and just remove nearly all the ways you can defeat a boss easily and make the Block and Deflect mechanic even more glitchy and difficult to pull off. Before you start making the game harder, actually fix the issues that are making it such a*****ty game.
Git gut, he's not that difficult once you get to know all of his move set
Dude, chill!!
I’m not saying you should git gud but you should
Wow sounds like somebody is mad about sucking lmao. If you suck so bad play another game, dont blame the game itself for your own incompetence.
Honestly none of your complaints are valid or even accurate. Isshin is extremely fair, and killing Genichiro should be absolutely TRIVIAL at this point. I'm not usually one of those guys, but this is one case where the problem really is 'git gud'.
Practice makes perfect
......GIT GUD
That’s what happens when you cheese your way through the game lol
Its so*****ty that you played it all the way until the last boss?
you guys know what it feels like to no hit genichiro and isshin 1st phase only to get mowed by 2nd phase?
There's no consistency to this fight. Sometimes I breeze through Genichiro and other times I die immediately. 4 phases is dumb. Haven't even seen the last phase yet and I'm on try #50.
Pretty ridiculous how the final boss is harder than the entire game put together.
Isshin is difficult no doubt, but I think his difficulty is way oversold. He doesn't do anything unfair and by the time you reach him, you should be fully aware of how powerful the deflect system is. Demon of Hatred and Owl (Father) are harder bosses in comparison because they have other gimmicks. Isshin however is basically a straight up test of most of the game's standard mechanics. Deflect, Mikiri, Head stomp, etc, it's all the same stuff, you just have to learn his moveset and timings like every other boss. Plus, the arena you fight him in is really generous in size and lets you stay just out of range of his long combos until you Mikiri the final thrust, which is telegraphed from a mile away. Seriously, if you've gotten this far, you can definitely do it.