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I googled this item. The first image which came up in the results was the helmet from the Ringed City DLC. The second image was Joel Osteen's face.


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fkin beautiful
Bravo sir, bravo
would've been cool that it had something to it other than looking weird... but with fromsoft now, that's to be expected
I'm thinking one reason this was there was both because yes, it makes you look weird, but also because giving the player a weird useless item with a long description is about the closest thing you're going to get to DS games handing you lore on a plate. After all, I'm finding these preachers' complimentary nature mighty suspicious, and unlike the people in the mall I doubt it's because they're trying to sell me something.
Preachers are all trying to sell you something..
**locust salesman slaps on top of his brothers head** This bad boy can fit so much lore in it.


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Use this plus the dark hand. Give them the make-out they always wanted
you're a genius
you're a madman
lol that tip, sure says alot about that mask. This may be the strangest headpiece that i ever saw in an souls game and its useless. Atleast the other examples of stangeness had some sort of use (the masks in ds 1, hollows shed skin in ds 2 and ofcourse the Symbol of Avarice. Also the Xanthos crown even tho it lost its usefullness after demon's souls.) Granted if thats realy its only use it sure does its job.
It has really good defense for it's weight. Its also amazing on little body big head characters.
giantdad? looks like giantgrandpa
This helm prevents fall damage
it doesnt i tried myself



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This is a pretty funny comment.



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It's true, but it also allows you to open Mimics without getting eaten, similar to the Undead Hunter charms.
All of its buff makes it pretty much the best helm pls nerf Miyazaki
No White Preacher Body?
Actually a really good defense/ poise to weight ratio...