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I find a fistful of ash works against him, especially if you died already and the battle starts instantly, run in and prepare to throw ash in his fast and you can get 2 hits in. Thats how I get through the first phase, using up all 10 ashes. Then I use firecrackers.
If you try and hit him after he throws firecrackers in front of you or jumps from the spirit owl, he disappears (to his spirit owl again) in a very similar visual effect to that of the Mist Raven Prosthetic tool. Maybe it's due to him being a Master Shinobi and knowing that technique, or just an added effect because of his bird spirit?
After getting good at his move set this might honestly be my second favourite boss in this game. It always keeps you on your toes. The only thing I dislike is sometimes his hitboxes can be a bit wonky, especially when he exists the owl thing.
의하다 추부야
so in order to fight this guy you have to do a bunch of tedious***** you'd never think of on your first playthrough ... well maybe in a few years when i replay this game again ill fight him.
I accidentally found him simply because I was screwing around in the temple just joking around about being super sneaky awhile destroying everything and then I just wandered around the whole world looking for Emma and then I realized a item was behind the sculptors place because I decided it would finally be safe to see someone else play and then yeah I just was stupid lucky
I'm in ng+ with 36 attack power. Watched many videos on youtube but still have no chance! Even to kick him into phase two is really hard for me. Any good advices? Dont want to start a complete new game only for him :(
Trying to Build up posture when he is full health is useless. Just bait out the moves that lea e him open for attacks (Big thrust attck/Shadowfall and his vertical chatging strike). Using firecrackers will make this easier. When he has half health left start deflecting and fighting as usual. Beware his firecrackers, these are best countered by dodging to his right, which allows for a hit or two. Second phase is easier than the first one in my opinion as his owl attack is almost always followed by the big thrust and when he disappears, after jumping to the ground from the owl he is exposed for a couple of hits. It's a matter of perseverance and patience, but won't take you too long if you do it correctly. In fact, I think this is one of the most enjoyable fights in the game. Hope this helped you in some way, even if I am a bit late.
A really fun fight I’m surprised it only took me 10 tries, I advise you use the feather for when he uses the owl teleport and just remember, and for flame owl jump forward than dash forward and then r1 until he deflects then it’s your turn to deflect
Oh yeah and I also advise you fight him ASAP after you fight the original owl so you memorize his more basic patterns
I think it would be better to fight him after the corrupted monk in fountainhead palace. Because the monk isn't that hard in comparison to Owl.
"It breaks my heart... But I'm putting you down" Love his dialogue (and the music)
a thing I learned, with his firecracker throw and quick slash (where he doesn't jump back first) dodge towards your right and it should miss you a lot of the time
I am enjoying this fight more than the first fight with owl, but it's annoying as hell the way you have to fight him, like every other boss you just focus on filling up the posture gauge, here you gotta focus on his health bar, makes learning when to deflect less desirable over just trying to survive and get an opening to attack.