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Tell,that explains why Grave Warden Agdayne does not have his katana when summoned or argooed,because he is not a f*****g casul.


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but somehow the bastards wields the Crypt Blacksword like a straight sword when he uses it (if you aggro him at his little hideout). When whe use it the moveset is completely different. If only we could use the dark magic that Grave Warden Agdayne uses (it looks like Dark Bead from Dark Souls 1 but on steroids). I know we have "Dark Hail" but that is so *****ing weak compared to Dark Bead from DaS1.
i got invaded in no man's wharf when starting a new playthrough and the invader had this... twinks are still around in 2018, folks. i mean gg for beating NG++ rotten and keeping your level that low but also please stop
Just goes to show Soul Memory really is useless. Like sure, it makes twinking harder to do, but a dedicated twink is gonna find a way no matter what.
They could have had a friend give them the weapon or help them achieve it, but after you've played through a few times, you will be able to beat the game at a low level to get anything you want. Fire snake is a powerful spell to get early for pvp.
If you're not good with this weapon and you still have enough weight to wield it as a backup weapon, it's the best riposte/backstab weapon for a hex melee build.
why str weapon have 12 faith 12 int requirement? oh yeah i forgot it's not miyazaki game damnnit :(
It’s designed for hex builds...
You must have been a fan of the several versions of Artorias's great sword, then... those were in a Miyazaki game. Seriously, the fact Miyazaki didn't direct DS2 isn't a game-breaking deal. I don't understand why people raise such a fuss over it. There are several innovative features in DS2 that expand upon DS1, and Miyazaki chose to outright remove them from DS3 as if it were his righteous duty to force-feed his own understanding of his product down our throats, all the while expecting us to like the taste and be grateful he seared away a branch of the fanbase. The result? DS3 feels like a piece of fan service for the inner circle of DS1 fans, which by the time of its release were in no way the only Souls players, that plays it so safe it literally washes the color out of the atmosphere and enjoyment out of the game. DS2 is by no means perfect, either, but at least it tried to experiment with and expand the Souls formal.
It's not a Strength weapon, dumbass



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What you have to say about Artorias Greatsword, kid?
wait2 can crypt blacksword could be upgraded to +10? annd the upgrade table doesn't show regular +10
Soul weapons can only ever be upgraded to +5
If anyone is willing to drop this For me cause i dont want to wait for ng+ to get this but if anyone is willing to
Just use a bonfire astetic