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To add to the eternal "Crystal Estoc or Crystal Sage's Rapier" debate, here are my numbers from the current (and final?) version:

Stats: INT60, DEX18, STR16
Crystal Estoc +10 damage: 126+24 PHYS, 126+132 MAGIC = 408 AR
Crystal Sage's Rapier +5: 100+11 PHYS, 150+133 MAGIC = 394 AR

Although the overall AR is almost identical, in practical terms it feels like the Crystal Estoc usually does slightly more damage due to the higher physical component. All in all it doesn't make much of a difference which you use except that the movesets are not the same and the Rapier gives the juicy item discovery bonus.
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I stand corrected.
Also you dont have that stupid sheath ruining your FASHION SOULS.
Also worth mentioning this rapier seems to have better range.
these stat reqs are downright silly
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am I the only one who get unluckier with this rapier equiped? i’ve made many test of 107 item discovery and 157... here’s my stats of 200 tries each over the time of my farming ... winged knight halberd (107 7/200). (157 3/200). warden twinblades (107 7/200). (157 6/200). cathedral knight’s greatshield (107 15/200). (157 12/200) faaron convenant item thing (107 10/200) (157 9/200) embers ( 107 28/200) (157 30/200) handmaiden’s knife ( 107 11/200) (157 14/200) rotten ghru spear (107 39/200) (157 23/200) symbol of avarice (107 22/200) (157 6/200) « yep never farming this ever again with the rapier » great machete (107 27/200) (157 13/200) blessed gem « tested on high wall of lothric’s winged knight (107 3/500) (157 0/500) , yes , this one took me 2 weeks and a huge pain in the ***... lothric’s greatshield (107 18/200) (157 18/200) poison gem (107 6/200) (157 3/200). heavy gem (107 7/200) (157 9/200) sharp gem (107 4/200) (157 5/200) hollow gem (107 6/200) (157 14/200) silver knight’s shield (107 39/200) (157 15/200) story teller staff (107 38/200) (157 40/200) great corvian scythe (107 47/200) (157 44/200) blood gem (107 17/200) (157 10/200)..... i have finally proven me and those who believe me that these stats shown above , can proove this item discovery is a lie , the average item drop from without the rapier is staticticaly higher than with the rapier equiped... I would even say , that the rapier gives a randomised item discovery buff , depending of the item , it has its proper buff applied to that item. you can agree what my stats got , or disagree and put your results in the comment section... and no , i’m not doing this all over , it took way too long.
That's a lot of farming... Unfortunately, it's not nearly enough to prove it statistically, because the sample size is still too small. It IS an interesting trend, though. Maybe you're cursed. Try a purging stone.
This is the same person as before. In my previous comment, I just wanted to correct you on how hard it is to actually prove something statistically, not dismiss your work. Thank you for your effort. For what it's worth, I won't be using this rapier anymore for farming.
To anyone else trying to test this, I'd recommend equipping TWO instead of just one, to (potentially) create a greater difference in drop rate.