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Need help with throne watcher and guardian soul count is 1484361 on Xbox one ds2 softs
Where can I get help in oolacile township
can anyone help with artorias ? ds ptde, pc, ng+, lvl 116
I need assistance with the dancer
I'm on ps4 btw
I need help... Ich cant defeet Stray demon, everytime i am soo close but i dont get it :( lvl 54 / switch / ds1
Need help with Gwyn NG+ SL 119 Xbox gamer tag: Narwhal1522 message me there
Need help with Four Kings on ng+ soul level 120, psn id vantastic
Need help curring kalameets tail on switch, password is smough, will wait by summon gate
would like help swaping a bunch of items between accounts. profile is goldgladiator79, message me
on xbox
need help for four kings , summon sign near fog gate please