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needs to be a spear that inflicts frostbite :(
Buff a spear with frozen weapon and problem solved.
Use Frozen Weapon on the Follower Javelin and you're the fukkin Night King, baby! Let's go kill some dragons! :D
Have to admit, getting frostbitten proc'd through rolls is rather irritating. But maybe this can be used offensively towards someone rolling Vordts effectively?
all statuses accumulate when the enemy is hit during rolling i-frames but on the flip side, if the damage procs durring the i frames the damage is nullified.
The Pontiff Knight Great Scythe when using weapon art has 220 frostbite in the ice ring and buildup 55 frostbite on weapon.
most op status effect against bosses as its easier to apply than bleed especially with vordts hammer and you can reset the status effect with fire damage to proc the flat damage plus % of max hp damage multiple time. not as good in pvp but still useful.
Will fire damage cancel out frost buildup or is it just frostbite? I'm thinking of getting a few people together to trap someone in a room and have one person cast snap freeze and the other hold fire stream on the invader. Having frostbite proc every few seconds would kill someone pretty fast
Don't hate the player, hate the game. Or yourself, for trying to engage in PvP. I don't know if you noticed, but people suck.


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So if taking fire damage removes frostbite shouldn't it be added to the cures?
Gael is also susceptible to frost. It's very useful for that fight
I agree completely.
Beautifully broken: Right hand Irithyll straight sword, left hand Fire or Chaos infused curved sword or rapier (pyro flame combustion works, and fire surge is just perfect).

2 hits with the frost (slashing hits seem to do more frost, you'll need 3 with thrust)
those 2 hits will always proc frostbite for good damage, without any titanite investment on the sword
then l1 to use the curved sword

Just get into a rhythm - dodge attack, if he has lag, r1 r1 l1 or l1 r1 r1
Whichever you prefer
Either way, you kill him fast. I kinda like l1 r1 r1 more (Fire, ice, ice), as he seems more docile when he's frostbitten.

It also seems as though hitting him with fire damage doesn't remove frost Buildup, just the status effect
So if I do a rolling attack and a slashing attack (not quite enough for a frostbite proc), and then hit with fire, frostbite will proc on the next ice attack.

I feel (and I'm an idiot, so whatever) like a pyro could use this in pvp. Pyro flame, ice weapon. If you deal most of your damage with pyro, but brawl up-close with ice, it seems like you end up with 2 ways to kill your opponent - catch 'em with flames, or proc the frostbite. Cud b gud


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so i read about the fire damage nullifying frostbite and deceided to test it on a mob, afterwards, i found myself testing frozen weapon every weapon i could think of, here's the results:
testing was done against the hand saw mob at the dilapidaed bridge, where hodrick invades you

crow quills: 1H=3hits; 2H=4 hits
brigand twindaggers: 1H=3 hits; 2h=4 hits
parrying dagger: 3 hits, both 1H and 2H
long sword: 3 hits
broadsword: 3 hits(missing one hit in a combo is enough to make it a 4 hit the next time you try to combo)
bastard sword: 3 hits(from here on out i'll write only those that don't take 3 hits)
sellsword twinblades: 1H=3 hits; 2H=hits(2 L1 is enough to proc it)
corvian scythe(raw+4) 1H=3 hits; 2 hits if counter attack;

...and that's about it, so in short, unlike (natural?)bleed, frozen weapon's freeze buildup doesn't scale wih weapon type, the only difference is if you're using a dual wield weapon
tl;dr frozen weapon is best used with a dagger in the right hand and a fire weapon in the left.
1H = SHlTS