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Xbox one NG soul level 120 need help
Hi would be willing to assist you. Gamertag is Zidonez117
Hi, ps4 NG, SL 125. Could use some help with slave knight Gael and darkeater Midir, would be awesome if you could help me! PSN: EkteStefan
This boss is similar to Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon - Dark Souls 2. Only runs and dodges but differs in that you can only attack its head.
Got to say, other bosses are push overs, but this guy has actually made me rage so bad. Took me so many attempts to finally defeat him
I’ve gotten him to below half, but most of the time, I run up after his first rage out, get near his head and he sprays fire all over the area underneath him, which stuns me just long enough to fire his laser. Done in about 4 seconds. Good stuff! Rolling around 10 times so I can run up and get one hit is just annoying.
I really like to fight humaoid bosses but everything that f***s up the camera is really hard for me... If anyone wants to help: psn, bavarian995, ng+4
Im killed this sht* on bridge but he respawned again in boss site wtf !! gimme my loot i wasted too much time bcs of that !!
you didn't kill him, you knocked him off down into the boss site, as it explains on this page. it's scripted
That's what was supposed to happen
Casual eater midir aka learn how to claw grip.
more than 15000 HP! can you imagine!!!
In all my ~ 2k hours I have to admit this is the only boss I soloed only once and I'm afraid to do it again