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just go to Anor Londo and kill the 3 silver knight there
If you still need to farm them at that point, you're an idiot.
I have over 200 titanite shards in storage from farming. I want to sell them, but the game only lets me sell the number held not the number stored. The ones stored never come out, even after resting at a bonfire. How do i get titanite shards out of storage in order to sell them?
1:Sit at a bonfire.
2: Organize storage box.
3: ???
4: Profit
These are the kind of problems you WANT to have
if u keep at least 1 it will replenish them at a bonfire or you can select organize storage box
woah never knew i could buy these and the large ones. I tho since they were way too common I had to farm them...
You can buy twinkling and scales too if you get dragon chaser's ashes
Remember when Wiki's would give you an idea of the drop chance?
Pepperidge farm remembers
Sure sure. You can ofc rush to Anor Londor to get your weapon to +6. Or you make it +10 like me before even fighting the Abyss Watchers. Well matter of taste I guess. To each his own. Helpfull Note btw. I couldn't have completed DS3 without it...
You can’t get to Anor Londo before fighting the Abyss Watchers lmao.
Looks like somebody watches ymfah
sure sure, ofc you could rush to Farron Keep to get your weapon to +10 before Abyss Watchers. Or you get to Soul Level 125 like me before even fighting Iudex Gundyr. Well matter of taste I guess. To each his own. Helpfull Note btw. I couldn't have completed DS3 without it...
It should be added that you can buy them after giving the gravewarden ashes to the maiden aswell


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No it shouldn't because no it doesn't.
Yes it does you dumbass.
where the hell is anor lodor
that place is full of titanite shards if you kill those silver knights
By the time you get to Anor Londo you don't need to farm them.
Starting at Vordt... Travel through Undead Settlement to the tower on through Road of Sacrifices, find the Crystal Sage in the old ruins and kill him, keep moving towards the Cathedral of the Deep, kill the Deacons of the Deep to get the small doll, go back to the swamp before the Sage and head past the two hostile NPCs to Farron Keep, put out all the fires to open the gate, kill the Abyss Watchers, proceed through the Catacombs, kill High Lord Wolnir, proceed through Anor Londo (no silver knights yet, just pontiff knights) to Pontiff Sulyhvan and whack him too, painstakingly crawl your way past the PvP-heavy zone (or just proceed unembered) to the rotating tower and activate it to head upwards to that bonfire where two silver knights will walk down the stairs and a tougher one is up the stairs to the right. TL;DR: It's mid-late game and you'd most likely be past shards and even large shards.



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bullet point six, idiot
Greater Crabs can drop these, with the Smouldering Lake variant having a guarenteed drop of one each.
The Ghrus at Farron Keep Perimeter also drops them