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I’m surprised no one has said that he CAN be parried. Summoned Tsorig and Cuculus but couldn’t tell who parried him, most likely Tsorig. Btw if you have both and also use dark spells, he becomes trivial
Finally someone else who noticed this lol. One thing you forgot is that he can be riposted after the parry
You mean poise broken? Because neither of them have weapons that can parry
Knight Slayer Tsorig and Cornyx of the Great Swamp make a good team. Too bad Tsorig is too good for estus.
I can't even land a hit on this ******.
Demons are endangered with extinction. I wish there were covenant of demon protectors.
he can be glitched into the right wall of the arena near the fog gate. he will be stuck in place, the character model moving and still attacking, but you can stand back and pepper him with arrows as i did