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price for healing the dark sigil appears to be Ridiculously cheaper than with firekeeper.
please confirm.
The statue of velka removes hollowing (looking old and wrinkly) not dark sigils.
is the removing perma? or is it a reset
I'm only here because I just accidentally slapped he HELL out of Sirris while tryna exhaust all her dialogue... TWICE. xD my controller fell and she felt the stronger end of 2 swings from a maxed vordtsickle. Put her down to a sliver of health. She wasn't too pleased w that. and proceeded to chase me around the shrine w a darkmoon blade. I coudnt even warp away she was so fast lol. Had to run up where patches chills, pop on the cat ring and leap back down to teleport before she caught up to cancel it. Glad I don't have to kill her lol.
u could just have walked to gundyrs bossroom, there is another bonfire..
So im in the undead settlement past the dilapidated bridge and rats, now im standing on the 2nd bridge where the big dudes are that throw pots at you. Well somehow, i got hit by him and it launched me over the edge BUT I SOMEHOW DIDNT TAKE ANY FALL DAMAGE AND THIS IS MY 5TH PLAYTHROUGH AND IVE NEVER BEEN DOWN HERE I COULDNT BE ANY HAPPIER
So I found out how to get down there with only a life ring, and 14 vigor. Near where the npc guardian of locked up saint, there’s a hill of rocks, if you jump towards that hill it will help break the fall and you will land barely alive at the bottom. That’s how I got down there.
But it's not even THAT hard to get Spook and fall straight down. Badda-Bing Badda-Boom. I'm a total DS3 noob and I figured that out pretty quick. Im not even a mage. I didn't even know about a key for the door. Lolol
i think something people miss about velka when linking her to londor is that every mention of her in miracles that were once hers (and apparently the clutch rings? but i never played ds2 so idk) was erased in favour of londor. that combined with how her shrine was forgotten, i think londor purposely erased her from their narrative...
Finally got around to grabbing my last ending the " Ash seeketh Embers" one. Why dont I have sin? That ending is so cruel to the Firekeeper. I actually came and check the statue to apologize for my behavior to the Firekeeper, but the statue says I've done nothing wrong. Bunch a bull.
thats because that ending has no effect on anything, going off of the achievements, one could count this as a non cannon ending since its the one that doesnt reward you with the achievement, atleast from what ive heard, i didnt attack the firekeeper so...
can i get sirris back after this?(after offering pale toungue to rosaria)
no that permanently ends her quest until the next ng
Accidentally killed Andre the blacksmith in one hit lol. 82,000 souls down the drain. Some BS
My daughter at only 9 months at the time crawled over to my controller and managed to one shot the Shrine Handmaid with a chaos fireball


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Went to go get the silver serpent ring, accidentally fell off at the illusory wall because of weapon lunge and landed right on the guy who gives you the cracked red eye orbs at the firelink shrine. Aggroed me because of 3 damage and now I got to request absolution for 46,000 freaking souls.
That's really odd. Usually you can only aggro an NPC by doing one of two things. 1. Hitting them 3 times within one load. 2. Reducing their Hp below 90%
3dmg in a row! *****ing computers and their architects are so lame and unperceptive