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Note: I'm unsure whether you actually DO need to skip or botch Jo's quest to get these, or whether you can complete the quest and return later. I myself accidentally skipped Jo entirely and got them, which lines up with a few other comments I've seen.
you have to ignore her, i just completed the quest line and found the equalizer outside ops near drone registration, went to her hideout for the first time and there was nothing there
I certainly hope these are buffed in a future patch because despite being the 2nd most badass looking headgear (black cerberus being the 1st) they are entirely useless. Aside from removing any possibility of having a gear set bonus, they also increase drone costs by 100% making them wildly inefficient at literally everything.
Buddy, its sunglasses, they would be wildly inefficient at literally everything
I wouldn't mind these staying as***** as they are if they at least granted the set bonus of your chest plate like certain armour pieces do in Monster Hunter. It'd be nice to wear them just for the damage percentage boost and aesthetic, being that I don't really use the drone.
Must have been a update, whenever I wear the sunglasses as long as the rest of the armor matches I get the bonus
Just iGNORE Jo and grab these in her room. it will be on the table to the left of your entrance beside the security bot in the room.
Follow these steps for these results=
Do not Talk to Jo first time and enter room: sunglasses
Talking to Jo first time and enter room: nothing
Talking to Jo second time and enter room: Equalizer
Talking to Jo third time and enter room: attacked by bot (after admitting to stealing weapon)
Edit as u guys see fit here
I don't know if this was covered but I seem to have a gear bonus of.the armour I'm wearing minus the head gear as long as shades are on.