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Why cant I parry. I suuuuck.
He was hell to dodge as a melee, but as a pyromancer it just took me a couple tries. Even the ghost he summons went down in a couple fireballs and I wasn't even targeting it, it just got in the middle. Getting up to here as a pyromancer was hard, but I gotta say, it's paying dividends now.
"Up to there"? My dude, pyro is easy mode all around.
"Strategy 2 (Parry)": You overestimate my Power!
That was *****ing intense!
That has got to be the most dumb spelling of Sullivan I've ever seen.
Why was ds 1 parrying so easy, but ds 3 isn't?
Ds1 is more readable, sine most of the attacks are quite slow, and telegraph. Ds3 is also easy to parry once you learn it, everything takes time to study.
Word of advice: do not get greedy. At the end, if that he is 3 hits away or something and you have the stamina for it, go for it. Defeated him 12th try with a +6 long sword that way.
Parry Kong's Nemesis
Does his combat stance remind anyone else of the stance Fume Knight from DS2 takes when he blocks? It also dawned on me that they have both also used dark and fire.