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"Dark souls rewards the player a sense of accomplishment" Me after beating ornstein and big smough then meeting gwynevere for the first time: You don't say..
Praise the Sun Lads, praise the sun
In my souls playthrough i joined the sun princess covenent, and as such I mainly stay in the chamber of the princess acting as a guard of the princess, and plus it is the closest warpable bonfire for farming royal sentinels and silver knights, which give a good deal of souls
Same here.
Then, she married a lorthric king that became a dragon fetus
i now understand the giantess fetish smother me mommy



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Now i know where Tormund gets his Giant's milk
Why is she so giant compared to her family gwyn, gwyndolin and the nameless king?
She's an illusion, so I think Gwyndolin made her larger for whatever reason
IN ds1 it says she married flann, but in ds3 it says she married Lorthric king Oceiros. Hmm... Hmmmmm..... hmm....
I feel that meeting gwynever for the first time gives the player a feeling of a safe haven, after all the been through they can finally relax for a little
it's a bit chilli out here, can i rest in thy chest for warmth, ms, gwynevere