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There is false information in here. You CAN still do Patches' bridge trick even AFTER you have killed Deacons of the Deep. I literally just did it. You DO have to make sure you open the door for him though.
I can confirm. I opened the big blue door and killed the deacons. Then patches locked me in the Firelink tower.
Lost 20000 souls to this *****er. Vengeance will be sweet in NG+
Yeah, how?
The fire demon threw Siegward off the cliff with the first hit. :( well RIP seigward and patches
This thing said if seeigward dies (which he did in my play through) patches wont come. But here i am. Locked in the tower by our very own loving friendly neighborhood patches.
Of course Siegward dies on my play-through to the fire demon
Anyone have sliders so I can do a patches cosplay
look up the ones that zullie the witch released if you haven't already
Thanks I struggled on finding them for some reason
Anyone notice how he only ever kicks you when he’s (spoilers but if you don’t know this for a game this old I’ll be surprised) Lapp
bull sh*t storyline, i cannot find him at the place where he is supposed to spawn (i was at the rosarias bedchamber and got the bonfire, also defeated deacons of the deep,killed both of the giants. Does THESE small things have to do something with him not spawning? Because there are some people that did the same thing)


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Yup,killing the boss prevents you from continuing the questline; just go up the lift to the left of the boss arena and he should be after the big door. Don't kill the boss until you found him.
Killing the deacons have nothing to do with it. Try opening the giant blue doors closest to him, then he should spawn.
I always kill this son of a... and give his ashes to handmaid.
Don't know if people already know this, but I just found out that doing co-op and killing a boss in another player's world, will trigger Patches' return to Firelink after you tell him where Greirat went (Lothric Castle). So you don't have to worry about running out of bosses in your own world.