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Does it carry over to NG+ ?
It does so do all other items it seems
Can anybody confirm if it does or does not carry over to NG+ ? I cannot find such information :-(
Yes, Dancing Dragon Mask and Dragon's Tally Board carry over. The only things that lost in NG+ were plotline key items (includes the Fushigiri).
anybody knows how many skill points you need to invest in order to make 1 attack power?
Seems like it's 5 skill points for 1 attack power
Scaling or Flat?
Upgraded twice so far and it was 5 both times
Thanks for the information. I'll be using this on NG+ once I have a few more of the other skills I missed my first time around.
It would have been truly cruel for them to make the cost scale up, since skill points already scale up against xp.
can you exchange already spent skill points ? i would like to get rid of some talents i wasted points on...
Nope. Spent points is spent points. But, hey, every skill bought is a step in the direction of unlocking the all skills achievement/trophy...if you care about that, anyway.
dissapointed, I was thinking this is the father's mask and I can finally transform Sekiro to a strength character
U a dexfag now bithc
Bug! Do not buy 2 mask peaces at the same time! This can cause mask not coming together and lock you out of this feature! All that crinding and now I have 3 useless pieces that I can't do enything with.
What do you mean? They are sold at different merchants, you can't buy them at the same time.
I think he bought two at once after the pot nobles combined inventories with eachother
If you kill the giant carp with the right bait then the Pot Noble in Hirata will sell both halves.
Got this dam bug too. You can start a new game +, buy it again from the Dungeon Memorial Mob and it will auto ensemble.
can i grind till 99 attack power? might beat Isshin in one hit like he did to me.
i Feel like that would take 4ever
either fights him like forever or use your time to grind endlessly until you can one-shot him to make a meme ( I really want to see the 2nd one tbh)
Attack power only goes to 99, which is not enough to oneshot, unfortunately.
You're *****ing stupid.
Revenge is a bad motive, friend.
Is this a permanent buff?
For permanently consuming 5 skill points, you bet your *** it's permanent. It would be a horrible waste otherwise.
it lasts only 30sec pal, don't waste your skill points !!!!
The Dragon mask does stay through playthrough #2, haven't tested it yet but its still in the key items menu when starting new game plus.