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Can't figure out how to get that one, I'm at end game and don't know if I can even get it now, if someone knows
You have to have learned the last technique of one of the skill trees, then talk to Isshin Ashina.
In case Isshin isn't around anymore talk to Emma in Kuro's room instead
Unless you chose the option to betray Kuro, in which case you're screwed and no longer have access to this.
You can get it regardless of which final tree skill you learn. I had the last one of the prosthetic tree, and I still got it.
I don't understand how to unlock the empowered mortal draw, that tree is a mess I can't tell if I have to unlock the shadowrush in order to do so or if I need to find somehow the blue ability on the bottom or ??? Make sense tree è_é
Empowered Mortal Draw requires you to have the Mortal Blade key item, and the skills Ashina Cross and Living Force. Those skills are the master skills from the Mushin and Prosthetic Arts respectively.
I mean't Ashina Arts, not Mushin arts for Ashina Cross. Sorry.
This wiki skill tree is made wrong in wiki, just master one skill tree (the most right skill in the skill tree) and talk to Tengu. You will understand this Mushin Arts skill tree better that way.
Cloud passage unlocks after you trade in carp scales for a scroll at the hirata carp dealer.
No, that's a different one; the one shown here costs spirit emblems while the dancing one does not.
That's Floating Passage, an inferior version
Not really worth it imo. Moderate damage, low range and it eats ember pretty fast (assuming you spam full combo)
Was reffering to Spiral Cloud Passage.
what do i do if tengu hasn't moved to great snake temple


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You don't just get in from Tengu, you can get in from he's out of disguise.
If Tengu hasn't moved then you haven't progressed the story far enough yet. Finish Ashina Castle first.
Uh in my game a miniboss is where he was at Snake temple, and my current boss is Emma? So now how do?
Finish your playthrough and try again in the next.
If Emma is your boss, you’re headed down the wrong ending bud.
You *****ed up.
I need help with it. He still hasn't moved to Great Serpent Shrine and when I speak to him, he doesn't want to give me Mushin Arts (got final Ahina skill tree skill Ashina Cross) but maybe that's because I haven't defeated Genichiro yet
On Tengu's page, it does point out he only moves after the Ashina Castle section, which requires you to defeat Genichiro.
Yo, just keep going through the game. Emma gives you the arts, not him.
Emma will say you are not ready, if you wait till late game. But she will give you the arts if you have a final one at the end of a skill tree. You CAN NOT just get it from Emma for no reason.