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Found some spelling issues.
I cant put my xp in to my spell points any more. It lets me put up my AP just not my SP. And some how ive got 2 heirloom at 85 and the upgrade one at 120.
GAME BREAKONG DLC glitch. CANNOT leave the DLC. Teleported me to a dark area above the DLC where I fall through the ground and end up dying. Can see the ENTIRE DLC as well while falling from a birds eye view
***** you Deck13 and City Interactive. People paid you for this!
***** you Deck13 and CI
Fix your game, I actualy usted the Run of adyr on my weapon And I got the "lead the humans yo Víctory" trophy
The lock-on mechanic broke during the third boss fight, Worshiper I think his name is. Made it so I couldn’t lock on to him or the blue spawn things. Deleted the game from my Xbox consequently. This game is ****ing broken.



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So, i started this game a couple of days ago and i've already encounter an annoying bug, the "sound/voice bug" Basically i cannot hear any conversation or any sound during a cutscene with NPC or even during a fight with a Boss Is there a way to reverse this annoying bug ? The first two hours of the game where perfect, no bugs....
I was fighting the guardian in arena I hit and killed him and he died but before he died he did his spell to have fire hit me which it did and killed me. I came back the guardian is laying in middle of arena and I can hit him and his numbers go down till he dies again but it never respawns and I’m stuck in arena. I’m unable to continue to next area. Is there a way to reset I will battle him again or do I have to start game over. Signed frustrated brawler