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People say using Pestilent Mist is an "easy" way to kill him, but I honestly find it much easier to just smack him in the face with a big *** sword
Finally beat this guy and my god what a fight
Possibly my favourite boss in the entire series. What a fun fight.
The bossfight is awesome but why is the reward either DEX or Blue DEX? Misayaki still making fun about us after beating Midir. Didn't expect much less
This fight was amazing for me. I've beaten him on Ng and Ng+. I've heard people say he's "unfair", I disagree strongly. Then there's others saying it's an "easy" fight, I disagree strongly with this as well. It's a perfect balance for me in total honesty. People who complain about the difficulty too much and others that say "git gud" get on my nerves a bit. And finally I'll conclude with this... Can't we enjoy this game and recognize that people have the same taste in games as we do and that we shouldn't be so hateful as to shame others. Sure, say that one thing might be annoying, but don't go overboard.
best boss fight in the series
These, right here, are the words of a saint. Very much glad I'm not the only one to think that!
dey git on yu nurfs
midir is a good boy, i hope hes in dragon heaven :') the only bad part of this fight is the boss run is a meme, you have to wait for an elevator twice AND take that *****ing ladder, stop putting*****ty boss runs in front of good fights fromsoft
3 step progam to win this fight 1) Havel’s shield, chloranthy ring 2) 20-30 endurance, the higher the better 3) laugh as you block literally all of his attacks back to back
After beating him i received nothing... the *****?:)))
You didn't beat him. The real fight is after the incident on the bridge
What a pain in the ***
Tired of trying to solo him, can anyone help? PS4: wot_u_sai I'm using Pestilent Mist
So with pestilent mist, you should already have no trouble. Just learn to dodge the attacks, cast some mist and you should be fine :) there are bosses with way more difficult attack pattern to dodge