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Is there a way to counter the summoned owl in phase 2? Snap Seed did not seem to work at all.
When he dissappears just run away and wait for him to appear, but be careful do not let him jump on you, keep running he misses that jump and eventually will appear again. Phoenix like creature which he shoots at you can be easily avoided by jump jumping but remeber after jumping immediately use mikiri counter, because after shooting that phoenx at you he will use that attack. Hope that helps. Pretty that are the 2 things that are different from phase 1. Imho phase is easier than phase 1.
Place yourself in a way that a pillar is directly between you and owl, it negates the fire attack most of the time and blocks his thrust attack consistently.
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Don't do a Charged attack on him! He counter you with Mikiri
There are three punishes to look out for (apart from the Mikiri): the leaping attack (similar to first encounter, but it's not part of a combo here), his long wind-up overhead, and his gunpowder combo. For his overhead you have to make sure not to dodge too early or he'll modify it into a spinning slash. You can also stand slightly to his front-left/right (think of a conal shape) and have it go right past you. Whichever is easier for you. (Note: He normally has hyperarmor during this, but during the second phase I accidentally cancelled it a few times with one hit.) For his gunpowder combo, wait for him to do the shoulder tackle and then quickly run to the right/left and circle behind him once he throws out the explosives.
Way worse than the Demon of Hatred. His firecrackers are completely busted, but they'd be A LOT easier to deal with if the camera didn't shove itself up your *** and randomly remove lock-on. Took so many hours to beat him.
Demon of Hatred was way harder to me in NG than Owl (Father) was in NG+. This boss is beatable with straight swordfighting unlike Demon.
Stay at a medium distance and react accordingly to each approach. Play it slow and don't stay close.
Also you can get two fully charged dragon flashes on him at the very start of the fight.
A trick that helped make this fight much easier for me: When he does the firecrackers at the end of a long combo, dodge back then use a charged shuriken and the chasing slice. It does a good amount of vitality damage, and he uses the move fairly frequently.
if you jump over his sweep attack you can always get an ichimonji off during his long overhead swing.
everytime his feet touch the ground after jumping around go for an attack. dodge toward him and swing. you wont always deal damage but this is a safe attack. when he does the overhead attack that takes forever get one attack in head-on (or two if you are feeling it) then dodge and get some more hits in after he has dropped the attack (its a good way to pace it). If you hit him when he is calling the fire bird it will still launch but he wont do his lunge. when you have unlocked from him because he is the blue owl just run around and swivel back around when you hear the smack of him landing.
I would say don't hit him when his fire owl attacks. dodge it and get a free mikiri counter and a hit.
Yeah, baiting the lunge for a mikiri counter and follow up attack seems a lot more useful than just getting a single hit in. Otherwise, this is all pretty solid advice.