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anybody knows what does the name mean:)
Kusabi I think means "to wedge" and maru is "completely" so if you slam it together, "To completely wedge".
I got way too into researching this. I confirmed the actual kanji from the Japanese scene: It is 楔丸. In this case 丸=maru is just a designation for a sword (i.e. X丸 = sword of X or X blade). 楔 is a little harder. By far the most common meaning is "wedge" or "linchpin" but I found it could also mean "bond" or "tie." By my thinking, "Sword of bonds" makes much more sense with the hint that the description gives you. Something akin to "As you cut your enemy so too do you cut yourself." "Wedge blade" could also be something similar I suppose like "use of this blade drives a wedge between the wielder and the world."
By the way, the Japanese description is a little different from the English. It says: "Although a shinobi is bound by duty to kill, He must pay his own share of the price." I think that's a bit clearer to the meaning. Like the other guy here said: "As you cut your enemy so too do you cut yourself." A karma thing. The name is literally "Wedge," but it's supposed to be kinda ambiguous. Like the description says, the name itself is a mantra. The meaning is meant to be contemplated by the person who wields it.
That stuff sounds like it'd be worth adding to the notes/lore. Makes a lot of sense and ties in with many of the themes of the game and certain dialogue the Sculptor gives about having to give up the path of the shinobi due to his bloodlust becoming too great.
I got a different description. After the bit about finding its way back to Wolf it says “Both sheath and hilt are an unassuming solid black. It’s name means ‘ties with that which is precious’, and it’s said the blade embodies this sentiment.”
Everyone else's sword hits you for over 20% of your health each time, yours hits for less than 5% of theirs. I think this guy's trying to do a broken sword run.
Well it is a reverse blade sword so...yeah basically
Not true, you can kill many, if not most, regular enemies with just a few blows. It's just with minibosses and bosses that you have to start hacking a lot to down them.
Wish we could have replaced this when we got the mortal blade.
This seems to be the shortest katana in the game. Genichiro, Owl, even trash mobs have more range. Oh how I wish the Mortal Blade was an alternate weapon.
Me too. Or maybe not mortal blade but owl's katana. it's large and can use as great sword. or use the mortal blade together with normal sword as dual wielding. like kirito or ryu hayabusa.
This***** is pretty fast and deflect most***** out. A good katana indeed.
Owls sword is most likely a Nodachi, or possibly Uchigatana, not a standard katana. Its huge even for him. My bet is Nodachi, even though those were typically for use against cavalry because of their size.
So is this an wakizashi? It looks to straight to be a tachi, and too short for a full length katana...
Sadly. It's katana.... katana size have to suit with wielder size. It's small because sekiro body is small. maybe if he have a big body like owl and isshin. the katana he use would longer
Could be a ko-katana.
It's a perfectly fine katana and of average size. No idea what you're talking about.
genichiro be like "this*****s OP please nerf"
Considering how many hits it blocks and how many lives it takes throughout the game without breaking it's actually a damn good weapon despite its unassuming design.
This katana: Does maybe 1/20th of an enemy's hp bar per hit Katana of a generic grunt: Does 1/3rd of my hp bar per hit Its more effective as a shield than a weapon tbh
I mean...this dense mother!@#$er is using a damn reverse blade sword so yeah it would do crap damage since it is basically a steel rod at that point.