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nzzn259g This glyph is great. You can find Uncanny Burial Blade very early in the game, without waiting the duel with Gerhman. Just follow the description above, in the proper section. It's great for players using Blade of Mercy (Hunter of Hunters Build), because Burial Blade is quite a twin of BoM. And Uncanny version of Burial Blade is better than normal version due to the presence of 2 radials and 1 triangular gem imprints.
Easily my favourite weapon in the game, and I love nearly all of them! One thing that does annoy me a bit though is that in order to have decent damage, you really do have to have a heavily skill-based build. But with that being said, with a skill-arcane/skill-strength-build, this is my go-to weapon.
I seriously want to use this weapon, but if wanted to use it efficiently, I would have to create another build and beat the game again :(
Do I have to have the regular version for the trophy?