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I've got several high level characters and am willing to trade pretty much any item to get this to my low level pyro I just started.
still? (joke)
Still need the sword I would trade it
What platform
I've been wondering what melee weapon I should use for my pyro build. I just beat the crystal sage and I'm using a raw longsword with 12 strength and 10 dexterity, and I plan to infuse it with chaos later. Anyone have any suggestions for a different melee weapon?
any chaos infused curved sword, curved greatsword or greatsword
I'm using onyx blade on my sl36 pvp pyro character. Might not be that good for higher levels though. Cool weapon nevertheless.
infuse drakeblood greatsword with the chaos gem
Dark lothric knight SS
Dark infused claymore.
dark astora gs
Looking to transfer this from my main to my second pyro character. Anyone wanna scratch my back if I scratch theirs?
What's in it for me
A back rub and the same in return?
Still looking for a transfer!
ill be willing to what platform?
I'm down for a rub if I can get a little tug as well.... I won't complain. Psn = @sinseraphim hit me with a pm.
I find the weapon to be very fun though I will admit it's a little bit op so I only use it as a second last resort for bosses next to story tellers.
Would anyone be willing to drop this / witch's lock for my alt? Have most other weps on my main that I can trade for! (Playing on PC)
I would for the basic Wolf Ring
I haven’t played as a pyro since ds1 and 2. This weapon is a lot of fun both pvp and pve. My only mistake was not trading for black serpent and getting wolnirs blade instead. I would trade basically any weapon item souls etc for black serpent
You on Xbox 1?
You can get it ng+ aye? I made the same mistake XD
Anyone willing to trade one with me? I used the soul to get the pyro for the trophy
I can trade you one. Send me a tweet at @DDayCerberus and I'll give you my playstation name.
would this weapon viable for leveling ?
why does everyone beg so much for everything? seriously just do ng+ its not that hard
My guess is they don't want to carry on into ng+ if trading is possible. I typically only have one or two characters in ng+, the rest stay in ng for PvP or to mess around with without having to complete the game again. Not saying beating ng+ is hard, it's not, but for me it's more of a hassle having to redo everything for one or two items.