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King seeker frampt is all about making you the next lord. Crestfallen wants frampt to leave. His "maybe it's time I do something about it…" could be referring to killing the player in New Londo, thus without a chosen undead- frampt would have no reason to stay.
I think it would be more fitting if he was trying to find Kaath
the first time i met him i wanted him to shut up and just go hollow already, but then i started to grow attach to him and fighting the hollow version of him in new londo broke my heart
Same, first time I felt sorry for a character in DS, then Onion bro and Sif...too much to handle, prepare to cry .
crestfallen warrior is a recurring archetype not a recurring character! thhey're different characters!
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At least a fraction of his legacy carried to Hawkwood.
Can u blame him tho
If I was literally living in dark souls universe, I definitely would be like this guy, sitting near the bonfire all the time, watching some idiots trying to save the world.
does it affect anything if you kill him when you meet him