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Crossbows are good for pvp and pve alike you just have to use them in the right way, besides they can kill ***** hosts with tears pretty well.
I found a good friede exploit, when she goes invisible in the first phase to charge her death attack, you can approach her until she's visible and headshot her, then backaway far enough that she becomes invisible again as she's staggered, once she's invisible she'll try to charge her attack again and you can approache her again and headshot her again, I was able to chain headshot her up to 5-6 times with my +10 arbalest.
Its such cancer when you get invaded by a guy that uses a crosbow AND ONLY CROSBOW through the entire fight. Yes its good and hard to counter for alot of ppl and pretty strong overall etc. etc. But fighting only with this***** makes you pretty much a coward and shows that you cant fight normally(true or not). Ik youre having fun and all but most of ppl who do this end up crying how the game is toxic/sending hatemail/blaming others for ruining their fun. Use it if you want idc but dont be a hypocrite and realize youre being a cancer for other players. (Sry if i messed up my grammar)
stay mad