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Northern helm + mirrah chain mail + northern gloves + northern trousers and now you're a skyrim guard
Watch the skies traveler
Wait i know you.
It makes you weak to arrows in the knee though.
Wait, let me guess, someone stole your sweet roll.
When you go against a Smough hammer in PvP "What do you aim to do with that hammer, my friend? Knock down a house?"
Mirrah Cary
Can creighton still invade you if you completed the game and now going back to questlines?
Once you Kill Pontiff Sulyvahn he won't invade till the next game cycle
So I have completed Sirris questline 3 times now. Creighton only invaded twice (the third time I just kind of bypassed straight to the end) and he never dropped his armor I checked and couldn't find it. So if someone on Xbox one has an extra set you would be willing to give or trade could you message me my gamertag is DarthBatman89. Thanks
clearly you lack reading comprehension.
You have to go back to the bridge where you fought him the first time in sirus's world after killing him a second time. He doesn't "drop it".
Why so many comments about people being too lazy to get the armor? Want it? Then get it. You messed up the quest? Next run you can get it. Missed the quest? Next run you can get it. Too lazy to do the quest? Then you aren't exactly the right person to play Dark Souls.
Or just ask for it on Reddit
If you want the set, and you didn't get it, LEARN HOW TO DARK SOULS.
So glad to have this in DS3. It was my favorite set in DS2 and was worth doing that Creighton/Pate quest *******.

Clip souls 3. But seriously though i can never wear this armor because of how much the cape clips in to your feet.
Correction: You CAN wear this armor even though it clips your feet.
I can wear it, but I also hate wearing it, look's good from the front but when walking and seeing your feet clip through the cape just annoys me, i'm not the only one too
Thanks to the guy who corrected my opinion



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Correction 2: You can NEVER wear a virtual armor set as it has no physical body! Yes, I know; I am mount Cleverest. I mean, someone should literally grab a big stone and carve this truth into it so that it may be immortal wisdom for future generations.
I beat him with Sirris , but he didn't envade me after he died and yes i was/am kindled. does somebody know , what i could 've done wrong?
Same thing has happened to me, no clue as to why
Did you beat Pontiff already? NPCs don't invade if you've beaten the boss
If you killed Pontiff he will not invade even if you met the previous requirement for him to.

However you can start a NG+ at the end of the game and correct the mistake.
Cant see the eyes anymore. Why From??
Can someone please trade me the set and axe in exchange for 2 great champions souls? Ps4 only, game tag is Nebk