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To the people who never played DS1/DS2: Be grateful that there really aren't any drawbacks to hollowing in this game lol
Decreased hp in ds2 ;(



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Still it was nice to have hollow-scaling weapons and even Pyromancy Flame in DS2 with builds done around these mechanic
There wasn’t any drawback in DS1 though. Aside from not summoning or invading, but that’s hardly a drawback.
Its *****ing pointless if there isn't any drawbacks.
Yeah that decreasing max hp each death was a killer
i think the decreasing hp was a neat way of teaching you to actually dodge rather then just tank damage but that's just me. I wish there was some kinda drawback- because when you look at other hollows they kinda stumble around and don't seem as lively? at least that way things would be consistent but its also not a huge deal either because the world itself is kinda weird anyway


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I thought you lose the dark Sigils after ng and the hollowing resets?
You lose the Dark Sigils (key item), but you remain hollow.
I dont understand how you can not be hollow with 15 or more hollowinv points? "Note that Hollow-infused weapons will not give their Luck bonus if you are not hollow, even if you have 15 or more hollowing." Question: If i have 40 on luck and 1+1 hollow weapon + shield in hands, and I buff the weapon with carthus rogue which gets scaled from luck does it work better?
You can still have hallowing without actually being hallow. Basically you have to look like a shriveled zombie if you want the stats to proc. Just don’t use any stones from yuria and you should be fine
Can I be hollow without the dark sigils in order to gain more luck stats?
i don't think so- no. the sigils cause the hollowing to happen ((when you have one you get one- when you have two you get two)) so if you have none i'd guess you get none
so what does the hollowing do?? (every negative and positive impact pls)
It doesn't do a whole lot. Biggest negative is you look really ugly. Positives is it progresses a quest line, and hollow infusions will bring up your luck stat by 5 if you have 99 hollowing. Weapons also will scale with luck with the hollow infusion. Hope this helps!
It seems really crazy that weapons like the hollow slayer sword doesn't do more damage against hollowed players in pvp, or has this been tested?
Removing hollowing should keep your dark sigils- hollow builds shouldn't be forced to look like beef jerky w/o a ring.
Removing hollowing doesn't remove your dark sigils though? You remove your hollowing via purging stone or velka's/purging monument. Dark sigils are only removed by the firekeeper with the added bonus of also removing hollowing. Also all hollows are supposed to look like jerky, so if you make a build literally centered on the fact of hollowing it's only logical to look like a hollow...