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As a hammer used I have to say: It sucks that you can't get the tail at all


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I feel I'm gonna get destroyed
RNG in this game is so weird, got a gem my first try fighting this guy but it took me 20 hunts to get a rath gem lol
Same here. Idk whats up with xeno’s drop rates XD its almost like you always get the gem on ur first hunt.
When you get like 15 drops per hunt, there's a pretty good chance of getting a gem on any given kill.
If your having trouble with him, use a Shattercryst build. Was able to beat him first try in 15 minutes. Pierce 3 on his chest when it is glowing during the second phase just destroys him
You can beat him under 12 mins with any weapon if you know his moveset inside out.
Since this guy has JUST been born, how exactly can he be classified as an "Elder" Dragon.. I don't think capcom knows what elder means...
Elder dragon in Monster Hunter means pretty much anything that falls outside of the standard classifications.
He’s a young dragon.
Elder Dragon is a classification term for monsters beyond a certain "power level" so to speak. They're usually ones that can literally change the environment around them. Xeno is an elder dragon, even though he just hatched. That's how powerful he is. It has nothing to do with age.
For some reason, even though I have killed it three times in total, I can't select Xeno'jiva as a preferred target when searching SoS flares.
Speak to the chief ecologist of the ecological research to register xeno
Talk to the dwarf with the books.
first time fighting him i got stunned, he used straight laser and i survived by being stunned longer than the laser lasted. lol my head should have been ash. later during the fight i had really low health, got stunned, and my palico got me out of the stun, and when they do that it does a little bit of damage, and i fainted. stupid cat
It’s so satisfying cutting off the tail.
male or female ??
Think about it: This creature just hatched and it can already fly and fire lasers outta its mouth. If your character fail to slay it and it got away, lil' Timmy here will mature into a world-ender. By comparison, when I came out of my mother's womb, I can only do 1+1=2. So weak man
and yet you, the main character, kills it against all odds and all you get is a fancy nickname