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This doesn't even feel like it should exist it's so poorly made. This is talking about the Lost Bastille, right? There's already a page for it, one that isn't literally just two sentences.
To be fair I had no idea that it was part of the Lost Bastille, knowing this little bit of info put me at ease knowing that I didn't miss something obvious
The whole DS2 wiki is poorly made compared to the DS1 and DS3 ones. It's like they didn't give a sh*t about this game.
You do not have to drop in from Forest of Fallen Giants to access this bonfire. If you approach from McDuff's Workshop, you must to destroy the barrels blocking the door near Lucatiel with a ranged Fire attack, or perform a risky jump from the second floor of the building to bypass the door. Once you reach the building that leads to the Covetous Silver Ring, you need to perform a somewhat difficult jump over the rubble that is to the left of the door. Be careful landing on the other side though, as you may slip off the ledge.