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I pickpocketed the amulet then rescued arhu, now I cant get the scroll from sanders peacefully even I fully filled the amulet and quest log says to speak to sanders. There is no new dialogue option.
this quest is so *****ing complicated and such *******. there are too many parts that need to intersect. Ive killed the toyseller so wtf am I supposed to do about this scroll I know nothing about?
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For those who already killed the toymaker while barging in to his private quarters read the letter on him and your character learns the password for acquiring scroll of atonement


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Get caught on upstairs. Kill all the toys which give 107k Exp EACH!! then the shopkeeper will come. Dont kill him leave him alive with low hp. Then he will talk and say all the things necessary which will give 96k exp. After he will try to escape. Put one of your party members close to the stairs. When he tries to go downstairs kill him (automatically fight will start) kill the shopkeeper which gives 77k exp. Go downstairs the toys will automatically atack you Each of them Gives 77k exp Kill them too. Then go upstairs and open the drawer with code. 5 toys upstairs , 6 toys downstairs (one of them deactivated which wont atack but kill it too it gives same amount of exp). Whole proccess gives around 1176.5 K EXP!!!!
He gets to the stairs way too quickly
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where I the shop?
is the. where is the shop. the toysellers shop. that is.
Upstairs there is a cabent with another Muppet
For those who've killed Sanders and are wondering how to open his locked chest, the character opening the chest must have the scholar tag or the option to use the password doesn't appear.
What is the password? I get killed on every one i try???
when i go for the desk to get the scroll i dont have the "Giyora" what must i do ?
If you killed Sanders, you need to loot his body and take amulet (if you don't have it already) and "Unsent letter to Giyora". When you read that letter, password option will appear. (You still might need to use character with SCHOLAR tag). Took me a while since I found a way to open that chest after killing that oldman ;)