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You don't need Fane to get the Return to the King achievement, at least I didn't have him in my group

"Beast: Assassinate the Queen"

"Curse Thine Enemies" and "The Promise" you do not have to play as Fane.
I don't want to look into the guide because I like to collect the trophies by myself can anyone tell me if there is any trophy that requires online
Yes but only one
Is there a new trophy with the definitive edition ? I've completed it in honor mode, and I haven't seen anything more. Maybe if sir Lora survive ?


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How to get the angel and demon trophy? I spoke with the doctor and accept to share the source. At the final fight, i kill braccus but the doctor doesnt appear and i get to 3 choices. What did i do wrong?
Shame theres nothing for soloing honor mode
I really wish I had a guide that tells me when to make a save game before conversation options. There's so many times that I should have saved and reloaded to cover the different branches. I'm not doing the whole story again with the same characters, so I will have to miss many of the achievements.
Rule of thumb in RPGs is to always save at dialogue branches related to story events, usually pivotal ones like killing or allying major characters. That means you might be saving every couple of minutes during heavy-plot moments. Then you save when all the dialogue is done and go back and test the momentous decisions. It sucks to do but that's why achievements are bull*****they guilt-trip you for not wasting your time or ruining your play experience with tedium. They're just a devious device to keep players invested in the product, taking advantage of our human psychology to pressure completion. That's why I ignore them.
Liberator is not bugged, it requires Sebille to be your avatar (main) character to get it, it's just not achievable if she is a non-avatar party member.
False. I have it after 1 playthrough with Ifan avatar. Sebille was a companion.
"The Isle of Last Resort" is said to only be possible if you have 1 or max 2 source points and killed all source masters. Bit late for me to confirm, but makes sense as this way is basically the failsafe to keep the player from getting stuck on Reapers Coast.
I received Liberator with Sebille as a companion character in the same playthrough as getting Stay Grounded. They are not incompatible. I received Stay Grounded when Sebille accepted the Mother Tree (and got the "Rooted" perk). Went outside, had Saheila tell me to kill the tree, went back and killed the tree then got Liberator.